Thursday, April 4, 2013

Simple 2 1 Surround Speaker System Circuit Diagram

 "Simple 2.1 Surround Speaker System " . Here I have used  three TDA 2030 IC for making signal amplification . Here you need a sub filter extra ( Sub filter circuit diagram link showing below ) . This project  mostly used in computer  . Part list and applications are showing below.

Part List

Component No:ValueUsage
All C1100MF Grounding 
All C2100nFGrounding
All C3100nFGrounding
All C4100MFGrounding
All C5100MFFeedback
All C6100MFAudio Coupling 
All C7220nFNoise Grounding 
All R11K
All R210K ( Not 1K )
All R322K
All R422K (Not 1K )
All RV1100KVolume Controlling 
All D1 To D2IN4007Potential Breaking
U1 To U6TDA2030Amplification


* 2.1 Surround Amplifier

* 2.1 Home Theater

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