Thursday, December 26, 2013

The omnidirectional antenna of cell phone jammer is common in normal use

U-Max Dingweizhixing business based on the positioning of mobile terminals, combined with GIS map data, can provide users with a wealth of location information services.
Unicom currently charges for mobile data communication standard is 0.01 yuan / kB. We are here to tell us through an example of the use of GPS: enter the Dingweizhixing Kyocera KZ850 function, select the "Where am I," later KZ850 will appear on the screen with a satellite picture, after a few seconds to ten seconds query time, the screen will display a description of the current location of mobile phones, such as "Wanquanhe Road, Wan new home near the new" kind of statement, then the user can further query the current location of the map, go a transfer to bus route, 500 meters to 2000 meters of restaurants, entertainment venues and so on. If getting through a call in the non-shielding area and walking into the shielding area, normally the cell phone will be shielded by cell phone jammer completely after covering a certain distance in the shielding area.The omnidirectional antenna of cell phone jammer is common in normal use.
The cost of this program is the GPS of 1 / 3. But by the mobile base station network resource constraints, continuous positioning in the high cost. Business management of employees; to provide for the sale of the company with multiple divisions, the sales staff working hours to work management; for remote decoding, where the phone number or other fixed internal procedures, to bind his number, binding After you can not limit the distance of the monitor, intercept, locate function. Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang left China Telecom is the only mobile location partners, using the most advanced, most accurate positioning technology GPSONE patrol, inspection, logistics, field / sales personnel management to provide efficient solutions. The directional antenna information of cell phone jammer should be described in details.
GPS company has many years experience in R & D and services, to provide car GPS and mobile positioning services. Digital Star is to develop mobile phone or terminal location and mobile application software company, its products and support the positioning of mobile phones and mobile phone also supports positioned between the display [2]. Is also the location of the earliest to provide mobile phone services company, mainly friends of the communitys position. Coverage had reached up to eight provinces. Cooperation with Henan MCC, mainly for business users, mobile location services platform. Coverage of Henan Province. Established in 2001, the first main GIS and telecommunications value-added services. Location networks Web site to provide mobile location-based services for enterprise and individual users. Coverage of 32 provinces and cities across the country.

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