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Here is the product performance of cell phone jammer

Here is the product performance of  cell phone jammer .
PIN code (Personal the Identity Number The Personal Identification Number) is a 4-bit to 8-bit personal to enter a password, also known as the PIN1 code, the user only enter this code, your phone to the SIM card to access the data. Belong to the SIM card password to protect the security of the SIM card. The initial PIN code, SIM card, usually set to 1234, the user can change it easy to remember the number. Attention to modify the PIN code must be firmly in mind, and do not remember in the mobile phone. PIN code, the main role is to prevent the SIM card is lost stolen to fight the phenomenon. Start a PIN code security function on the phone every time a user after a reboot. Here is the ambient temperature of  cell phone jammer .
GSM system must be between the phone and automatically identify and determine the legitimacy of the SIM card and mobile phone on the "password", the only system approved in order for the user to provide services. If the user is a continuous three incorrect PIN code, SIM card will be locked, must re-initialized in order to use the telecommunications sector. The PUK (PIN Unlocking the Key, unlock code) is the key to the solution PIN code lock. If you have three consecutive entered the wrong PIN, the phone will self-lock card, then you must enter the correct PUK code to unlock card lock, and then prompted to set a new PIN code. If the PUK code for mismatched 10 times, then the SIM card of the suicide program will start automatically, the card will be scrapped, only changing the card. PUK code is provided by the carriers operating room.
Best 3 to 5 times the manufacturers recommend the initial use of the battery to fully charge and discharge process, in order to eliminate electrode materials passivation, to achieve maximum capacity. Promulgated in 2001, three nickel-metal hydride nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion battery, GB have clear provisions in the detection of its initial capacity, the battery can be five times the deep charge deep-release, once required, the test can be stopped. This is a good explanation of this phenomenon I said so, said the second activation is also possible, the user first used the "new" battery as far as possible several deep discharge cycle. However, according to my tests (for lithium-ion battery), storage of 1 to 3 months lithium-ion battery.  cell phone jammer has the advantage of convenient use.It is towards the heat dissipation of cell phone jammer
It deep charge deep-release cycle of treatment, its capacity to improve the phenomenon is almost non-existent (in the symposium on the battery to activate the test report). Three secondary charge 12 hours. This issue is closely linked to the above battery activation, tentatively set to the factory battery to the user hand electrode passivation phenomena, deep charge deep discharge cycles in order to activate the battery 3 times. In fact, this problem is transformed into a deep charge is not to charge 12 hours. I have another article on the cell phone battery charging time has answered this question the answer is no need to charge 12 hours. the early days of mobile phone nickel-metal hydride battery because of the need to complement and trickle charge process to achieve the most perfect state of full charge , you may need about five hours.  cell phone jammer is the ideal shielding equipment for actively preventing cheating.

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