Saturday, September 21, 2013

1979 Jeep CJ Electrical Wiring Diagram

1979 Jeep CJ Elecrical Wiring Diagram
The part of 1979 Jeep CJ Electrical Wiring Diagram: accessory feed, air conditioner compressor, anti diesel solenoid, back up lamps, manual transmission, battery, boy, brake, cogar lighter, capacitor, chassis, marker & reflector, module assembly, neutral safety switch, oil lamp gauge, oil pressure sender, panel lamp, parking brake, park & signal lamp, resistor heater blower moor, splice, coil 6 cylinder, dimmer switch, distributor, electric choke, fuel gauges, fuel sender, ground fan lamp feed, headlamp, heater motor, ignition switch, horn relay, kick down, starting motor, stop lamp, tail & stop lamp, temperature gauge, temperature sender, windshield wiper, washer.

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